Event Producers love us. Here’s why.

CrowdFood delivers:
Unique food options. We are tapped into a massive food vendor network.
Organized food logistics. With mobile payments, shorter lines and us managing food vendors, your events go smoother.
Higher sales numbers. Mobile ordering has been found to increase revenue 20% or more.

CrowdFood made the food part of our event effortless, and we made a hefty commission. Bringing them back again this year was a no-brainer.

Stephanie Alston
Glen Park Festival
San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions
by Event Producers

What is the minimum number of people you serve?

For a crowd that is paying for their own food, our minimum is 1,000. That being said, you can spread your event over many days, and they don’t have to be consecutive. If it’s a crowd you’re paying to feed up front, our minimums are considerably lower.

How Does CrowdFood make money?

CrowdFood handles all payments through our platform and iOS app. We negotiate a share of the sales with our food vendors, and also share a portion with event producers. Everybody makes money.

Do you have [insert cuisine type] food vendors?

Yes. We have a nation-wide presence and most of our food vendors are mobile and will travel to the right events. It’s our business to know the best food vendors in your area, and we can onboard food vendors quickly. To give you a sense of our scale and variety, we onboarded 45 vendors in 14 days in February.

I’ve heard you pay event producers up front? How is that possible?

We have fed a lot of events and we have a tremendous amount of data on what your crowd in your location will spend on food. We’re experts on this and we’re willing to put money up front to be THE food vendor for your event.

What exactly do you do for each event you feed?

CrowdFood has one mission: maximize your revenue. We take care of the complicated stuff, like:

  • spot locations and site logistics
  • health permits, auto insurance, liability insurance
  • vendor scouting, selection and registration
  • vendor POS software integration
  • on-site management, staff and customer service
  • hard money collections
  • mobile payment processing
  • vendor audits

I’m interested. What’s the next step?

Fill out the form at the top of this page and our sales team

reach out within 2 business days. You can also email us at info@crowdfood.com.