We make
you money

Yes! Partner with us and we will pay you to be your catering/food arm. Making extra money has never been easier for our partners.

We save
you time

We handle all logistics, including food curation, annoying permits, mandatory insurances, truck load-in and load-out instructions and all communications.

We are your dedicated team

We provide support around the clock so you can focus on more important things! Our food vendors are as passionate as we are about food and providing the best experience!

We get
you sponsors

Looking for a sponsor? Our extensive network of thousands of CMOs is one call away from matching you with a sponsor that will bring your event to the next level!

We coordinate with the tastiest and most popular food vendors to create a group of vendors that compliment the event as well as each other.

We Curate the
Food Court

All vendor management, permitting and compliance paperwork is all organized by CrowdFood and given to the appropriate party. You never worry about a thing.

We Take Care

of Logistics

We forward a commission of all food and beverage sales to you. We are able to track sales and send you daily sales reports to track where your food revenue is coming from.

We Pay You

We take care of everything.

We provide all things

food & beverage

(No matter the circumstances!)

Ready to Decrease Your Work Load?

Let us take care of everything food!


Bringing amazing food

all over the U.S.!

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