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Food Vendors

Food Vendors

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CrowdFood platform processes all
orders and payments

Event Producers
Offer better food
Eliminate lines
Increase sales
Simplify accounting
Get paid for feeding your crowd
feed your event
Use app to find food vendor
Browse menus
Place orders
Receive their order
Receive rewards
get the app
Food Vendors
Set their menus and prices
Receive orders through app
Receive payment
Prepare orders
Get orders to customers
list your food


Underneath CrowdFood’s simple business model are some of the most intelligent features the food industry has ever seen.

  • Mobile ordering. Increasing revenue and reduced wait times.
  • “Sell Anywhere” location capabilities.
  • Proximity notifications and product promotions
  • Social rewards and group promotions
  • Instant billing. Increases throughput for vendors.
  • On-site delivery and concierge services.

Why CrowdFood?

Event Producers love us. Here’s why.

We Provide Way More than Food

We collect food and beverage sales in advance for you and help you with all F&B logistics.

We help source the best options for local food vendors and on-board all the food vendors.

With our data we can co-market with you to help you present better analytics and nab more sponsors.

We Provide Powerful Analytics

  • time at event
  • tickets sold
  • food choices
  • facebook data
  • food spending
  • demographics

We Also Help Bring On Sponsors

coca cola

“CrowdFood provided all types of food vendors and took care of all the logistics, planning and communications for us. Their logistics and software solutions improved our food sales dramatically. We plan to work with them for all of our events. CrowdFood creates a truly tasty experience!”

ColorFun Fest




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CrowdFood iOS app?

The CrowdFood iOS app allows food vendors to display their locations and menus on attendees phones. Attendees can then order and pay through the app with a credit card, and the money is deposited directly into your account.

How do I receive orders through the CrowdFood app?

The CrowdFood app is simple to learn and easy to use. Typically, it takes 5 minutes to train your staff. Check out the video to the right in order to see a demo of the app in use.